It is said that the Earth was once a beautiful garden, filled with flowers. Then a time came when people were unable to see the true beauty of nature, and the world became a sorrowful place.

Immune to the sadness, winged fairies lived joyful lives in the deepest of Mother Nature’s secret gardens.

One night, a curious and fearless fairy, who had never given up on mortals, snuck outside to see the world beyond the garden’s golden gate.

Fluttering across countless lands, she came to understand that discomfort was rooted in the absence of beauty.

The fairy was struck by her discovery.

Mother Nature, afraid of what the people would do to her beloved creatures, hid all of the flowers in her secret garden so that no human could lay eyes on them, until they had first risen and grown back into their heart.

Once back home, the young fairy decided to keep what she had discovered a secret from her sisters. On the first morning of Spring, she glimpsed the blooming of a flower, hiding behind a rock. It was tender but not flamboyant, small, yet strong.

She thought it was the most beautiful flower she had ever seen.

After waiting for Mother Nature to fall asleep, the fairy picked the flower and rushed back outside the hidden garden. Secretly, she planted the flower on top of a mountain for the whole world to see, so that beauty and happiness would once again be remembered.

That flower was a Belle, and thanks to the purity of the fairy’s heart, it still symbolizes a hope and perseverance that will last forever.

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