The Triumphs of Love
Transcending the boundaries
of life and death, shape and form.
United forever.


Unfolding over a thousand years ago, the tragic story of the Butterfly Lovers is one of China's Four Great Folktales, and is often described as Asia’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Our heroine, Zhu, is born the ninth child and only daughter of wealthy parents. Her elderly father teaches her how to read and write, and she develops a great love of learning.

As schools in ancient China did not accept female students, Zhu eventually persuades her father to allow her to attend classes cunningly disguised as a boy. It is here that she befriends a penniless student called Liang.

Despite their different backgrounds, the two become ‘sworn brothers’, and are always by each other’s side. Over the next three years, Zhu falls in love with Liang, but never for a moment does he suspect that she is in fact a beautiful girl.

One day, Zhu receives a letter. Her father is ill, and she is urgently needed at the family home. When Liang offers to accompany his friend, Zhu promises herself that she will reveal her secret to her beloved during their journey. However, too afraid of his reaction, she invites Liang to visit her in a few months' time, with the excuse of introducing him to her "sister".

When Liang arrives and is greeted by Zhu, out of her boy disguise, he realizes that there never was a sister. He falls in love with his best friend in the world, and they vow to always be together.

Recovering from his illness, her father happily informs Zhu of her upcoming marriage to the son of a wealthy and powerful provincial governor. To back out would be impossible.

Having given his heart to Zhu, the news devastates Liang. His health gradually fades until he becomes critically ill, and dies.

Months later, a heartbroken Zhu reluctantly agrees to carry out her family obligation. She is solemnly making her way to the temple on her wedding day when a storm brews and a strong gust of wind leads her towards the graveyard. 

Standing in the rain at Liang’s grave, the grief-stricken bride cries to the heavens to be reunited with her beloved Liang. Thunder strikes, the ground opens up and Zhu throws herself into the abyss.

Unified at last, Liang and Zhu’s souls become blissfully transformed into a pair of butterflies that emerge from the graveyard to flutter together for eternity, their promise unbroken.



Inspired by this enchanting legend, STENZHORN House of Jewellery captures the spirit of everlasting unification with its Butterfly Lovers collection.

Each creation depicts Zhu and Liang in heavenly butterfly form, their entwined male and female spirits freed from the suffering of their earthly life.

The designer’s vision was to evoke the natural motion of butterfly wings, with their delicate scales and veins, through the use of channel setting. Carefully selected and precisely cut precious stones and diamonds are set between fine gold bars.

The colour palette of the collection varies from sparkling diamonds to bold shades of rubies and blue sapphires, often combined with the delicate touch of pink sapphires.

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