FLUMINA mini Bracelet with Malachite

FLUMINA mini Bracelet with Malachite


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Designed as a daily version, the Flumina bracelet made of 18k yellow gold is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a casual outing or a special event. The plain gold accentuates the malachite, creating a harmonious balance that catches the eye.

To ensure a perfect fit, the Flumina gold bracelet features a fine gold chain with loops that allow you to adjust the length according to your preference.

Inspired by the two rivers Rhine and Moselle, which flow near the hometown of the esteemed Stenzhorn family, the shape of this bracelet tells a story of rich heritage and connection to nature. The S-shape, a symbol of the Stenzhorn brand, adds a touch of sophistication and refinement.

Mini (13 x 13mm)